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Kynttilä, Ilo

Kynttilä, Ilo

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Peniskynttilät ovat käsintehty Helsingissä ja Giggelin missio on edistää kehopositiivisuutta ja rikkoa tabuja. Kaikki kynttilät ovat 100% vegaanisia.

"I like the aesthetics of my penis. I think it's beautiful and sculptural. I particularly like the large size of my glans, but I love the whole penis and wouldn't change a thing about it.

I've felt insecure about my penis over the years, and a loving relationship with my genitals has been something I've had to create for myself. When I was young, I was anxious about the onset of puberty. I was unsure about the size of my penis, as I had no reference points other than porn, and I wondered what size my penis would grow to or whether it would grow big enough with puberty. I don't know what big enough would have been, but at the end of primary school, all anyone talked about was that your penis had to be big. Another area of uncertainty was the length of time it took to pee, and for some reason, I was ashamed that when I went to pee, my bladder was quickly empty, and the people next to me went on for a long time. Now that I think about it afterwards, I clearly linked even the duration of the pee and the volume of the pee in the toilet to the size of my penis and my insecurity about it.

I want to remind every person with a penis of their own adequacy. Every penis is a unique and beautiful specimen not to be ashamed of. I encourage loving your own genitalia through acceptance and gentleness. After all, it is only one part of a beautiful whole, so it is also not worth giving it too much power in a negative sense."

- Anonyymi muotin lahjoittaja

Ainesosat: 100% kasvipohjainen steariini ja sydänlanka 100% puuvillaa. 
Koko: 8cm korkea - vaikka eihän koolla väliä
Polttoaika: Noin 3h 

The Giggeli Project was born out of a desire to break taboos and make people giggle. The idea behind the project is to create products that playfully highlight everyday issues and make us think differently about them.


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